That's a wrap on 'The Daisy Chain'

We headed West last week and made a little film about flowers. Written especially for a Masterclass with Jim Sheridan and Andrzej Bartkowiak at Fastnet Film Festival in May; the script was well-received so we decided to shoot it.

Huge thanks to our brilliant DOP Ian D. Murphy and daisy-chain-making crew! Post will be handled by Brendan Bourke at Sonic Surgery.

#TheDaisyChain #KenWilliams #StanleysDeathpark #Schull #FastnetFilmFestival #JimSheridan #AndrejBartkowiak #IanDMurphy #BrendanBourke #SonicSurgey #Corkfilm

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Stanley's is Ken & Denis and other more talented people that agree to work with them.

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