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My top 10 films – Aoibhéann McCann

Our latest #Top10Films list comes courtesy of one of our favourites, Aoibhéann McCann. Aoibhéann is a brilliant actress on stage and screen and has been a huge supporter of every Stanley's project.

Check out her profile here and follow her on Twitter @AoibhIrish

Aoibhéann McCann's top 10 films

(Aoibhéann controversially counts her films down from ten and lovingly gives a reason for each selection too, well reared. – Stan)

10. Bladerunner (When I saw it first it probably kick-started a fascination with post-apocalyptic, dystopian stories. The lighting alone is pretty special).

9. Home Alone ( Nostalgia is everything with this one).

8. The Artist (I was excited the whole way through this film).

7. Birdman (What a head-melting, beautiful film. As someone who fears missing their ‘cue’, this film made me squirm in all the right ways).

6. Juno (I loved that this film was centred around a young woman’s journey. It made me realise that this story is hardly ever told with such wit and charm. It was inspiration to seek this sort of story out).

5. Kill Bill (Uma Thurman. Women in a typical badshit mad Tarantino world. It was so exciting to see this on the big screen with a strong female lead. I think this strikes me less now because ‘strong female lead’ is slowly becoming less of a off-beat choice and slightly more ‘normal’. Fingers crossed.).

4. 28 Days Later (I remember seeing it at the cinema, not knowing what my friends and I were heading in to. I was such a massive fan on leaving and I recall that my mates weren’t as hooked. I couldn’t get over the constant sense of fear I felt and there weren’t any crazy ‘special effects’).

3. Frances Ha (This film struck a chord with me when I saw it, probably because it is about an artist struggling to survive and to justify needing to do what they love).

2. La vita è bella (What a stunning film. Roberto Benigni’s performance alone is beautiful. He is a wonderful clown in such a mad, terrorized environment. The feelings brought up by this film are unforgettable).

1. The Lives of Others (I hardly ever watch a film more than once but I could watch this 100 times and be moved by it every single sitting).

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