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My Top 10 Films – Brian Lane

Massive thanks to music maestro and Stanley collaborator, Brian Lane for his Top 10 films. Brian worked took care of the music supervision and sound design on our film, Gustav, and composed to beautiful score on The Final Fairytale.

His Top 10 is lovely mix of sci-fi and surrealism but we love that The Tree of Life and A Space Odyssey both feature as they're both films we look to when thinking about sound.

1. A Space Odyssey dir. Stanley Kubrick

2. Akira dir. Katsuhiro Ôtomo

3. Dead Man’s Shoes dir. Shane Meadows

4. Donnie Darko dir. Richard Kelly

5. Mullholland Drive dir. David Lynch

6. Stalker dir. Andrei Tarkovsky

7. The Seventh Seal dir. Ingmar Bergman

8. The Tree Of Life dir. Terrence Malick

9. Twelve Monkeys dir. Terry Gilliam

10. Upstream Color dir. Shane Carruth

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