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My Top 10 Films – Charlene Gleeson

Today's My Top 10 Film list comes from one of our favourite actresses and people, Charlene Gleeson. You'll know Charlene from her tremendous body of work that includes, Sarah & Steve and Penny Dreadful.

1. Lost in Translation

2. The Fighter

3. Moulin Rouge

4. The Notebook

5. Forest Gump

6. Shutter Island

7. Big Business

8. Overboard

9. Castaway

10. The Snapper

We were really lucky to have Charlene in our film, Gustav where she gives a lovely comedic performance as Dee.

Follow Charlene on Instagram at charlene_gleeson_barry

#Top10Films #CharleneGleeson #LostinTranslation #TheFighter #MoulinRouge #TheNotebook #ShutterIsland #BigBusiness #Overboard #Castaway #TheSnapper #SarahSteve

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